Welcome to the City Of Peterborough Bid Opportunities Website

This site allows potential Bidders to create a Bidding System Vendor account.  Bidders select commodity codes for goods and services and the Bidding System will notify the Vendor by email of Bid opportunities matching their commodity code selection.

Public tenders, bids and request for proposals are posted on this website.  

Attachment 1“Terms, Conditions and General Information”, is applicable to all bid solicitation documents, with the exception of those issued by the Infrastructure and Planning Services Department related to infrastructure construction – roads, sewers, bridges, etc.  Attachment 1 is available on the City’s website at www.peterborough.ca/tenders

Bidders are solely responsible for ensuring their Vendor account information is kept current.

For step by step instructions on how to create an Account please refer to the Vendor Guide

Group Purchasing 

This is a public notification that for the year 2018, the City of Peterborough is a participating agency in one or more procurements conducted by the following cooperative buying group(s):

LAS - Local Authority Services - http://www.las.on.ca/ 

KCPG – Kawartha Collaborative Purchasing Group – http://www.kcpg.ca/

MGS - Ministry of Government Services - www.doingbusiness.mgs.gov.on.ca/

Metrolinx - www.metrolinx.com/en/projectsandprograms/tpi/tpi.aspx

OECM – Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace - https://oecm.ca/marketplace

Technical Support:

If you encounter technical issues, please contact support@bidsandtenders.ca

The following is a list of our current online bid opportunities. Please refer to the Status column in the list to determine if the bid is open, closed or awarded.

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